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Extension Spring Vs Torsion Springs

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When you need to repair your garage door spring, it’s important to know the difference between extension spring torsion springs. Though they both perform the same function, there are important differences to note. These springs come in different types with variant configurations, so let’s analyze the properties that distinguish them from each other.

Before we get to the differences, let’s see what function each of the spring performs. The ‘Extension springs’ are the most communal type of garage door spring. If your garage is an overhead one, then there are high possibilities that the extension springs have been used. The extension springs have a hook at their ends and can be seen laid on the horizontal track of the garage door. Its functionality is very simple, when you open the garage door, the extension spring stretches wide and balances the weight of the door. If the stretching gets too much, there is a chance it will break. Extension springs require maintenance as well. They will also need a safety cable, pulley fork, and will need to be installed to make it operational.

Torsion springs also called as the torque springs are the coiled springs used in the header of the garage door. When the garage door opens, the torque springs twist around the center steel shaft. It’s the wind and unwind motion through which these springs work. Now let us look at the difference between them.


If we compare the strength of both the springs, then it is evident that the torque springs are more powerful, last longer, can withstand more weight, do not cause serious damages, and aid in smoother operation. Extension springs get damaged easily if stretched wide, creating serious damage, even death if popped up.


When it comes to price the extension springs take the lead. They are inexpensive to buy and are the most common type of spring. Which means they are available just at every tool shop. Torsion springs are expensive and can be considerably more costly in comparison to the extension springs. The extension springs are not only cheaper to buy but are cheaper to repair and replace.


Because the extension springs can easily break, you need to be very careful with them. According to expert advice, both the springs will need maintenance and in order to maintain their durability. Never leave your garage door open. Keeping the door open stretches the springs and can cause serious damage by popping off. Make sure to abstain your garage from chemicals or other toxic material getting in. Proper maintenance of the garage door will surely make your springs last much longer.

Precautionary Measures

Both the springs though require precautionary measures to abstain from fatal damage, but extension springs require more as they are less durable than the torque springs. It is always good to give your garage a good inspection often to ensure all the springs are working well. Make sure you tighten the nuts well and all the other parts are lubricated well.

Now you know the difference clearly between these two springs, now you can make a more significant choice in buying.

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